Glier’s Goettafest is a ton of fun, no doubt about it.  From kids to grown-ups, it is nothing short of a good time.  But let’s be clear: Glier’s Goettafest is about the goetta.  With its carefully-crafted combination of beef, pork, pin oats, and spices, goetta is the only food quite like itself.  And Goettafest is the only food festival quite like itself. 

As it’s been since the inaugural Goettafest in 2001, the very first order of business in planning the celebration is the menu.  It is the goetta, after all, that brings this discerning community of food fans and family-focused friends together.  Therefore, it is of utmost importance to all of us at Glier’s Goetta that the food takes center stage, that it is cleverly conceived, expertly created, and consistent with our standards of excellence. 

We begin with the very best culinary artists who call Greater Cincinnati home.  Like the Gliers, these craftspeople and their families are known and respected and woven into the fabric of the local history.  These fine people – The Buskens, The Graeters, the crew behind Colonial Cottage, and several other hand-selected folks – are the vendors at Goettafest. 

They, the vendors, are required to follow Goettafest’s very strict 3-2-1 policy (3 goetta items, 2 non-goetta items, 1 dessert), and no duplication is permitted among individual menus. 

These rules draw the very best talent and ingenuity out of each participating vendor.  Chefs not only get to flex their creative muscle, they get to showcase their specialties alongside other top professionals in the local food community.

In the end, it is our fellow goetta-revelers who benefit the most from the policies and standards of Glier’s Goettafest.  Each year we have been dazzled by everything from the best-selling Goetta Nachos and Goetta Grilled Cheese Sandwich to the surprisingly sensational Goetta Fudge Brownie.  The bar is always being raised.

Glier's Goettafest Menus

Andy's Mediterranean Grille

Goetta Gyro Wrap
Barbecue Goetta Pita Pocket
Beef and Goetta Kafta Skewers
Gyro Wrap
Chicken Kabob & Rice


Bayou Fish House

Goetta Fish Tacos
Goetta Gumbo
Goetta Bayou Bites
Fish Tacos


Busken Bakery

Goetta Goobers
Goetta Brownie
Cheery Cheese Cups
Pig Ears
Ice Cookies
Cream Puff


Butch Carpenter

Italian Style Goetta Peperoncino
Chipotle Style Goetta Mex Bowl
Goetta Shepherd's Pie
Chicken Tenders w/Fries
Soft Pretzels
Cotton Candy


Chili Rocks

Goetta-A Coney
Italian Coney
Goetta-A Chili Cheese Chilito
Goett-A Way
Red Chili
Pineapple Upside Down Cake


Cincinnati Grill

Goetta Steak & Egg Sandwich
Goetta Hoagie
Goetta Egg Roll
Sauerkraut Balls
Bavarian Pretzel
Potato Pancakes (2)


Colonial Cottage

Goetta Nachos
Goetta Wrap
Goetta Hash
Hot Brown with Turkey Goetta
Grilled Chicken Wrap
Bourbon Chocolate Square



Slab Goetta, Philly, Reuben Melt
Deep Fried Goetta Balls
Glier's Sausages - Goetta, Brats, Metts, Wieners
Limburger Cheese & Onion
Fresh Baked Strudel


Original Corn Roast

Goetta Stuffed Baked Potato
Goetta Fries
Roasted Corn
Popcorn Chicken


Papa John's Pizza

Goetta Pizza by the slice
Goetta Calzones
Cheese/Pepperoni by the slice



Goetta Omelette
Goetta Burger
Goetta K
Filet Mignon Sandwich
Chicken Breast Sandwich
Kentucky Silk Pie


Yatka Mein

Goetta Rangoon
Goetta Fried Rice
Goetta Sushi
Sesame Chicken w/ Goetta Fried Rice
Goetta Spring Roll
Veggie Lo Mein/add Goetta



Goetta Chedda Cheese
Goetta Burrito
Goetta Corn Dog
Deep Fried Peanut Butter & Jelly
Ribbon Fries
Funnel Cake



Children are huge goettafans too! We do our best to keep them very happy at Goettafest. Here are just some of the fun activities for the kids.

  • Face Painting
  • Goetta Roll Toss
  • Goetta Slide, Rides 
  • Goetta Ring Toss
  • Misting Tent


As if the tongue-tempting celebration for your mouth were not enough to draw you down to the riverfront, Glier’s Goettafest is jam-packed full of FREE entertainment to delight all of the senses. The reasons to stay from the very beginning to the end of Sunday are more than just tasty. Wear your dancing shoes and bring your very best moves for continuous, live performances from local musicians throughout the weekend.




Kerry Toyota Stage

Thursday, August 1st

6:00pm - 7:45pm  – JetsetGetset
8:30 pm                – CASEY JAMES

Friday, August 2nd

6:00pm - 7:45pm  – Brent James & Vintage Youth
7:45pm - 8:30pm  – Belly Dancers
8:30pm                 – DV8

Saturday, August 3rd

12 Noon - 1:45pm   - AGAPE
1:45pm - 2:30pm    - Jump ropers
2:30pm - 4:30pm    - James Shelton Band
4:30pm - 5:15pm     - Car Give-A-Way
5:15pm - 7:15pm     - LWB
7:15pm - 8:00pm     - Elder Stell Drum Band
8:00pm - 11:00pm   - My Girl Friday

Sunday, August 4th

12 Noon - 1:30pm   - Anderson Ferry
1:30pm - 2:15pm    - Sugar Foot Cloggers
2:15pm - 4:00pm    - Bob Cushing/ Chris Goins
4:00pm - 4:45pm     - Belly Dancers
4:45pm - 6:15pm     - Groove Jacket
6:15pm - 7:00pm     - Step N' Out Dance Studios
7:00pm - 9:00pm     - Cincy Brass


Country Stage

Friday, August 2nd

6:00pm - 8:00pm  – Katie Burgin [WNNF Winner]
8:45pm - CLOSE   – Noah Smith

Saturday, August 3rd

12 Noon - 2:00pm  - 90 Proof Twang
2:45pm - 4:15pm   - Nevele Trio
5:00pm - 7:00pm   - Takin' the Reins [ 94.1 Winner]
7:45pm - 9:00pm   - Kinsey Rose
9:30pm - CLOSE    - Kentucky Myle

Sunday, August 4th

12 Noon - 2:00pm  - Danny Frazier Band
2:45pm - 4:15pm   - The Refranes
5:00pm - 7:00pm   - The David Lewis Band [ 94.1 Winner]
7:30pm - 9:00pm   - Kevin McCoy Band



  • Corn Hole Toss
  • Goetta Coney Contest
  • Free Live Music
  • Goetta Ring Toss Game
  • Goetta Slide Game
  • Goetta Roll Toss Game
  • Putt Putt
  • Face Painting
  • Fish Pond
  • Rides
  • Misting Tent
  • Big 6
  • Pull Tabs

2010 Press Release - more

The 10th Annual Glier’s Goettafest will be held on August 6th, 7th, and 8th, at Newport’s Riverfront Levee, just down the steps from the Newport Aquarium.  Goetta (pronounced get-uh) is a delicious blend of pork, beef, spices, and nutritious steel cut oats.  Glier’s, founded in 1946, is the largest producer of goetta in the world.

Glier’s Goettafest began in 2001.  The Goettafest story is very simple according to Mark Balasa, marketing director for Glier’s Goetta.  “Greater Cincinnatians love their goetta and many make it a special family tradition!”   “Goettafest is a terrific way to bring everyone together to try new and familiar goetta dishes and be entertained.  Goettafest is like a big family reunion!”  Over 100,000 Goetta lovers, and the soon to be anointed, gather from near and far at the 3-day festival. 

This year’s festival will feature over 30 different Goetta dishes.  Many of the best local festival food vendors and restaurants gather to cook a variety of goetta dishes.  Expect to see returning favorites such as the Goetta Reuben, and Goetta Balls.  Papa John’s offers the famous Goetta Pizza and Goetta Calzones.  Cincinnati favorites such as Busken Bakery (Goetta Goobers and Goetta Fudge Brownies) will also participate.  Colonial Cottage returns with the famous Goetta Nachos!

What’s New?
Constant and never ending improvement has been a hallmark for Glier’s Goettafest.  With respect to our 10 Year Anniversary, here are just some of the new things to expect at this year’s Goettafest.

  • Competitive Goetta Chili Eating Contest: Our friend George Phelps, owner of the Chili Rocks will coordinate the daily contest which promotes all you can eat goetta coney’s.
  • Graeter’s Ice Cream Introduces a Goetta Topping!  That is right, first ever!
  • Goetta Unplugged:  A second stage has been added spotlighting the up and coming local musical talent Greater Cincinnati is so rich with.  The setting will be under a tent in a relaxed setting with views of the Ohio River.  Local musician Tom Bodner manages this.
  • Brand New Goetta Vending Machine:  This classic icon of Goettafest will premier at Goettafest 10 as a brand new, state of the art vending machine.  This is the only Goetta Vending Machine in the world!  Dispenses specially priced one lb. rolls of Goetta.
  • Local Beers and Beer Garden:  Goettafest is all about celebrating the region’s local specialties so adding Hudy Delight and other local beers just makes sense.
  • All New The new site features all aspects of Glier’s Goettafest including menu, activities, and entertainment.

Continuous live music from the main stage is a tradition at Goettafest.  Along with the music, festival guests can enjoy the many Goettafest games and children’s rides.  Look for the return of the popular Goetta Toss and the Goetta Slide games.  Proceeds from the games will go to the local Covington charity, Welcome House.

For more information please contact Mark Balasa at 859-291-1800 x 225 or at  Also be sure to check out for menu and entertainment listings.   In addition, visit our newly designed!    Tom Bodner can be reached @    

Glier’s Goettafest 2010
Introduces ”Goetta Unplugged” - more

Mark Balasa                                                                Tom Bodner
Director of Marketing and Sales                       
Glier’s Goetta Company

Glier’s Goettafest 2010 Introduces ”Goetta Unplugged” to Spotlight Greater Cincinnati’s Best Local Musicians.

Newport, KY — June 11, 2010 — The amateur music scene in Cincinnati is bustling with up-and-coming talent and Goettafest 2010 intends to put a spotlight on it.  In addition to the headliner stage, the Mini-Stage offers a more intimate and personal experience and a chance for local musicians to be exposed to over 100,000 festival-goers.  August 6, 7, and 8 will be the launch of the newly formed “Goetta-Unplugged” and will begin an annual tradition committed to supporting local musicians.

Ask any Goettafest patron and they will say that a main highlight of the festival is most certainly the music.   Tom Bodner, a local Cincinnati musician, has been working on this project from the beginning and knows first hand about the amateur music scene.  “It’s definitely hard to find a local venue where there is a chance for high exposure such as this festival,” he says, “no bar can offer that”.  The local musicians will have their time to shine in a café style tent and a chance to be voted on by their peers in hopes of a grand prize, almost like a battle of the bands.  The festival patrons will also benefit from having music on both ends of the festival, making it a more fulfilling experience. 

Goettafest is not new to the scene and certainly not new to highlighting local staples and traditions.  The festival started in 2001 with a little uncertainty and by 2009, with more than 100,000 in attendance, became one of Cincinnati’s premier events of the year with travelers from all 50 states and 30 countries and a smorgasbord of vendors and attractions.  With such a high amount and variety of attention, the festival is a perfect hot-spot to show off Cincinnati’s own local musical talent.  Goettafest 2010 is the tenth anniversary and the expectations are even higher this time around.

Glier’s Goettafest began as a one day festival experiment in 2001.  Now in 2010, the three-day festival is celebrating a big “10 Year Anniversary!”  Goettafest features over 30 different ways to enjoy goetta.  The Goetta Reuben, Goetta Calzone and Goetta Grilled Cheese are festival highlights.  Continuous live entertainment, Goetta themed games and rides for the children make for a great family experience.  Convenient parking is available at the main Levee parking garage and nearby lots.

Location: Newport’s Riverfront Levee, just below Newport’s Aquarium, with full view of the Cincinnati Skyline.  Visit for more information.


2001:  Five food vendors, a couple of game booths, a handful of musicians…and an over aching fear as to whether anyone would come. 

They came.  Oh, did they come.  To our wonder and delight, Glier’s Goettafest was an instant success.  Roaring crowds made us know that 2001 was just the beginning. 

2010 celebrates the 10th anniversary of Glier’s Goettafest and there’s not an end in sight.  Of course, we’re pleased as punch.  Read on to learn how very fascinated and  satisfied the rest of goetta-lovin’ world is.

  • “Glier’s Goettafest 2009 is the uber gala for goetta, the Cincinnati Caviar, as well as the Queen City’s German heritage... Be sure to stop by the world’s only goetta vending machine to pick up your own pound of pork-y perfection.” Citybeat

  • “The festival has made Goetta more versatile.”

  • “Glier’s Goettafest is a family fun festival celebrating the region’s love of Goetta... [It] has consistently provided festival guests with live music and cloggers throughout.” KY

  • “Since its creation, Glier’s Goettafest has sought to be a family fun festival, offering numerous forms of entertainment to go with a delicious and extensive food menu. Goetta games such as the Goetta Toss, Goetta Slide, and Goetta Ring Toss have given Goettafans young and old a chance to win fun prizes.”Cincinnati

  • “This year, there are two new vendors. One is offering something so obvious that it's surprising no one's come up with until now. The other is pushing the goetta envelope farther than before - perhaps even farther than it should be.

    The obvious: Chili Rocks is combining two local favorites, making goetta Cincinnati-style chili, substituting goetta for the usual ground beef. They also have a goetta chili 6-way, which adds more goetta to the chili toppings. Also, goetta and sausage stew and goetta coneys.
    The wacky: Yat Ka Mein, the noodle house in Oakley, is making goetta sushi roll (yes, the goetta's cooked first). They'll also have goetta fried rice and goetta cheese puffs.

    The chance to try these dishes and decide just how far a breakfast food should go is just part of the festival. All vendors also have non-goetta items, and there's beer and drinks and a shade tent to sit under while eating. Misters keep things cool.” Cincinnati MetroMix

  • “For all you pork and pinhead oat lovers out there – and you know who you are – [Glier’s Goettafest] is your holy week. We’re talking goetta here, folks.

    …What’s goetta? Please! It is essentially German soul food, to be eaten for breakfast, on toast with jelly or even syrup (that’s how real men eat it)…” Cincinnati Business courrier


Glier’s Goettafest started as an experiment, really. 

We wanted to know if anyone would come to one whole day dedicated to just one food.   We wanted to get a new audience hooked on goetta.  But, more than anything, we wanted to gather with our goetta family, the loyalists who have made goetta a regional staple. 

So we threw a party.  A pretty big party, smack dab in the middle of Glier’s neighborhood.  We invited everyone we knew and we rolled out the red carpet. 

Well, they came.  The people have continued to come over and over again.  And they’ve brought all their friends.  And they’ve turned our little neighborhood party into a full-blown bash.  The goetta-lovin’ people of the world have turned Glier’s Goettafest into a total celebration of all things goetta.

  • 2001: MainStrasse Village, Covington, KY, Glier’s Goettafest is born.  A single-day event on Father’s Day weekend, the opening attendance and goetta-interest assure us that we’re on to something.
  • 2002: A year of media buzz and gracious press encourage the expansion of Glier’s Goettafest to two days.  New food vendors join the celebration, and the amount of live entertainment grows as well.
  • 2003: Goettafest stretches into more MainStrasse space and the crowds keep coming.  The Kentucky Tourism Council names Glier’s Goettafest one of the state’s Top 10 festivals.
  • 2004: To accommodate the burgeoning crowds, Goettafest temporarily moves just across the Ohio River to Cincinnati’s Sawyer Point.
  • 2005: Goettafest enjoys its most successful event to date, as it settles into its new home back in Northern Kentucky.  With its convenient accessibility and riverside beauty, Newport’s Riverfront Levee is the ultimate venue for the ever-expanding festival.
  • 2006: Even more food vendors, family rides, and goetta games are added to Goettafest that is flourishing at Newport’s Riverfront Levee.
  • 2007: Goettafest attendance soars; evening crowds completely pack the levee. 
  • 2008: Conservative estimates put Goettafest attendance at over 65,000 goetta-focused fans.  The event is now recognized as one of Greater Cincinnati’s premier events.
  • 2009: Goetta Sushi and Goetta Coneys dazzle and delight hungry taste-seekers and goetta-loyalists.  Goettafest crowds swell to over 100,000 visitors.  Judging by the pins placed on the popular “Tell Us Where You Are From” map, Goettafest attracts visitors from all 50 states and over 30 countries.

All year long, we at Glier’s Goetta are delighted by the letters, pictures, recipes, and very personal family accounts that come to us every day.  They come to us from all over, really.  And they are connected by one thing – goetta.  However big or small, each special memory has become a thread in the lovingly woven quilt that is our history.

Goettafest was born from the goetta taste, the goetta tradition that inspires its far-reaching community of fans to reach out daily.  We just knew that tradition was dear enough to the goetta-loving public to bring us altogether.  To bring hungry folks from all the corners of the country, and beyond.  We just knew that if there was goetta, the goetta loyalists would come.

And, oh, have they come.  What started as little more than a goetta gathering in 2001, has exploded into the much-anticipated, save-room-in-your-belly, plan-your-family-vacation-around event that it is today.  There are games and music and more goetta grub than any Glier could have imagined.  But it is always the revelers that make Goettafest a festival.  It’s the layers of family history, the excitement in their eyes, and the lip-smacking smiles they bring to the weekend that make Glier’s Goettafest a true celebration.