What is goetta?

Pronounced “get-uh,” goetta is the ultimate blend of pork, beef, whole-grain steel-cut oats, onions, and spices.  Carefully crafted daily in slow-cooked small batches, Glier’s Goetta is the best-selling goetta in the world.  Its crispy-creamy texture and unique flavors are most deliciously showcased simply browned, hot from the pan.

How did Goettafest come to be?

Goettafest was created by Glier Family as a way to celebrate their best-loved goetta, and to honor the loyalists who have made it a regional favorite.  What began as a gathering in the beginning, has become a weekend-long goetta-focused fun festival bringing together hungry folks from all over the world.  Set against the breathtaking backdrop that is Northern Kentucky’s Newport on the Levee, and starting in 2021, the New Covington Plaza, and featuring dozens of clever and inventive ways to enjoy goetta, Glier’s Goettafest is the official family reunion for goetta enthusiasts.

Is there an admittance fee to Goettafest?

Entry to Glier’s Goettafest is absolutely free.  So is the continuous live entertainment – and world-class company, too.  All sorts of beverages, including beer, are available for sale throughout Goettafest.  And every bite of food is priced at a family-friendly point of $6 or less.

Where is the best place to park?

Go to Newport on the Levee’s main entrance parking first.  If that is full, you will find many other lots in the blocks surrounding the event that are both convenient and reasonably priced. For the Covington Plaza there is a parking garage on the corner of Madison Ave and East Rivercenter Blvd in Covington KY.

Is there any shade available at Glier’s Goettafest?

Goetta Place Hall in Newport is open to the public throughout the festival.  A large, cool dining hall, it is the perfect place for sun-soaked goetta-lovers to enjoy their treats and each other’s company. There will also be shade tents at Covington Plaza.

What is the best part of Glier’s Goettafest?

Why, the very best part of Glier’s Goettafest is the goetta, of course.  Dozens and dozens of local food vendors come together at Goettafest, at the top of their goetta game.  Each of their booths boasts three new goetta-centered recipes, two goetta-less snacks, and one dessert, without any duplication allowed throughout the festival.  There’s a reason Glier’s Goettafest is one of the world’s largest celebrations of a single food – it’s the goetta.

What in the world is a goetta vending machine?

The goetta vending machine is one of the most famous traditions of Glier’s Goettafest.  Offered only over festival weekend to goetta-revelers, at a very special celebration price, it dispenses goetta-love one one-pound roll at a time.